Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sugar Free it possible?

Yes! I love margaritas. For years I longed for a sugar free version of  " that frozen concoction that helps me hang on". The first mix I tried was "Baja Bob's" sugar free margarita mix. It was fine, but I found it tart and really did not taste like the real thing. The strawberry version is good, but harder to find. Then came Bethenny Frankel and her Skinny Girl margaritas. THANK YOU Bethenny. She opened up the market and others begin to follow. Now lot of brands have begun to pop up.  Jose Cuervo has a light version of it popular drink that is very good. Both  Skinny Girl and Jose Cuervo come with the tequila already added. So if you are a tequila connoisseur this might not work for you. Then, last spring I was walking through the grocery store and came upon a display for a margarita flavor of Crystal Light. In my mind I thought YUCK! No way is that going to be good, but I gave it a try. Guess what....It is delicious. And the best part is you can add what ever brand of tequila you like. This has become my favorite! The one draw back to the Crystal Light version is that it is hard to find. I am hoping that with spring upon us, it will begin to show up on store shelves again. If not, I have seen it on But it is a little more expensive.

So if you are trying to live a sugar free life, don't despair. When the weather gets warm and margarita weather hits, try one of the above mentioned choices! Enjoy!

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